Edward Albee's At Home at the Zoo

"...In the coolly prim and bored domestic Ann, Damman proves a splendid partner for Peter; as they talk openly about every aspect of their marriage, possibly for the first time, she starts hitting notes of salaciousness that are both thrilling and humorous." ~Carolyn Hayes, The Rogue Critic, Detroit, Feb. 25, 2010

The Last Five Years

"...Yet the real gem here is Damman; not only does she live up to the more challenging — and intriguing — task of devolving the story, but she relatably exposes us to Cathy's simultaneous devotion and self-doubt with blistering candor." ~Carolyn Hayes, The Rogue Critic, Detroit, Jan. 4, 2010

The Diary of Anne Frank

"...Anne, Anne Marie Damman, is touchingly believable as the flighty early teen."  ~Robert Bethune, Encore Michigan, Feb. 18, 2009

"Anne Frank was played by Anne Marie Damman... with her energy, constant enthusiasm and dancing about, even with so little space to move in her tiny attic refuge.  This certainly must have been Anne Frank in the flesh." ~Ruth Crystal-Zaromp, The Monitor, Feb. 2009