If you'd like to purchase any of the audiobooks I've recorded, the links are below.  Support independent authors, and get a copy today!


Scandalous Intentions

Ladies and Scoundrels, Book 2, is now available! 

Scandalous Redemption

Ladies and Scoundrels, Book 3, is now available!  The intertwined adventures of the ton continue with the infamous Lady Claudia's story...


Cora's Choice: Book 1

Blood Born (Cora's Choice: Book 2)

Coming soon!  Bad Blood (Cora's Choice: Book 3)

Stones on a Grave, by Kathy Kacer

Part of the Secrets Series, from Orca Books Publishers

Additional Titles

Thought I Knew You, by Kate Moretti

Heart Murmurs, by R.R. Smythe

A Midsummer's Day, by Heather Montford

Confessions of a Predatory Lender, by Irma Fritz

Love at the Sea Bluffs Lodge, by Devon Vaughan Archer

Werewolves Lair, The Last Werewolf Pack, and Lupus Patronus, by Vianka van Bokkem

Various textbooks, covering topics such as Developmental Psychology, Criminology, Sociology,and Humanities

Podcasts: Investors Business Daily, The Wall Street Journal, Creators Syndicate, The New Republic, etc.