Anne Marie Damman

amdamman@gmail.com                                         Voice: Mezzo-Soprano/Belter G3-B5


Film and Television   

Batman v Superman                          Principal                 dir. Zack Snyder

Stan Lee's CHAKRA RETURNS        Lead (voice)          POW/Graphic IndiaTHE

THE DUNES                                                    Principal                 dir. Grant Mohrman

CACHÉ                                                     Lead                        dir. Alex Stach

TREAD                                                     Lead                        dir. Laura Baker

POPULATION ZERO                             Lead                        dir. Hassan Hussein

SOMETHING TO COME HOME TO   Lead                        dir. Jake Keller

STAY                                                         Lead                        dir. Sam Mayers-White

motherbaby                                           Lead                        dir. CaitlinOteiYamada

SOUTH AMERICA                                  Lead                        dir. Brian Schmeider


Regional Theatre

Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park 

Behind the Eye (premiere)     Woman (U/S)          dir. Mark Wing-Davey

Above the Tavern                    Annie (U/S)             dir. Ed Stern/M.Haney

A Christmas Carol                   Rose/Soprano         dir. Michael Haney

You Can't Take It With You    Alice (U/S)               dir. Steven Woolf

Texas Shakespeare Festival           

Hamlet                              Ophelia                        dir. Lee Ernst

The Beaux Stratagem     Dorinda                       dir. Kristine Holtvedt

Ernest in Love                  Cecily Cardew           dir. Stephen Terrell

Water Works Theatre (MI)             

Taming of the Shrew        Katherine                    dir. Lynnae Lehfeldt

Romeo and Juliet               Juliet                           dir. Jeff Thomakos

Jewish Ensemble Theatre (MI)     

Diary of Anne Frank          Anne                          dir. Evelyn Orbach    

Rumpus Room (MI)                       

The Three Sisters               Olga                            dir. Chatel Gaidaca                                 

Magenta Giraffe Theatre (MI)       

The Last Five Years           Cathy                           dir. F. Shepherd-Bates                                 

The Abreact Theatre (MI)              

At Home at the Zoo           Ann                               dir. Adam Barnowski



Commercial and Industrial

TRICALM (National)                           Principal                     Jekyll and Hyde Advertising

CLEVELAND AREA FORD                  Principal                    Team Detroit

RIVERTOWN HONDA (series)          Principal                    RCP Marketing

KENNY ROSS AUTOMOTIVE             Principal                    Yellow Submarine/Crab Media

AUTO OWNERS                                     Principal                    Harvest Creative

EUREKA                                                  Principal                    Mindfield

DOVE ARISING                                      Principal                    Mime Studios

ESL INSTRUCTIONAL SERIES           Principal                    Teacher's Discovery



STONES ON A GRAVE                             Kathy Kacer                                Orca Books/Iambik

CORA'S CHOICE (series)                        V.M. Black                                    Swift River Media

Multiple Textbooks                                  Various                                         Pearson/Iambik

THOUGHT I KNEW YOU                         Kate Moretti                               Red Adept Publishing

HEART MURMURS                                   R.R. Smythe                                Astrea Publishing

CONFESSIONS OF A... LENDER             Irma Fritz                                    Create Space

UNDAUNTED DEBUTANTES (series)  Christina McKnight                  La Loma Elite         


Touring Theatre

Cincinnati Playhouse Outreach   

Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse           Lilly                    dir. Suann Pollack

Happy Worst Day Every               Emma                 dir. Mark Lutwak

National Theatre Caravan           

A Christmas Carol                           Belle                  dir. Susan Baer-Collins  

Jewish Ensemble Outreach          

Mean Girls                                       Megan               dir. Harold Jurkiewicz


Training and Education

London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art: MA Classical Acting, 2018

American Conservatory Theatre: Summer Training Congress and Shakespeare Intensive

M.A., Ohio State University; B.A., Hillsdale College, MI

Trained in: Stanislavski, Laban, Alba Emoting (Level 3), Improv short and long form, character and neutral mask

Teachers include: Rocco dal Vera, Scott Whitehurst, Second City, Stratford Festival, Fred Garbo, Naz Edwards


Special Skills

Piano and percussion (10+ years); good mover/fast learner; basic stage combat; a cappella and polyphony choirs; basic German, Latin; intermediate French;  belly dance; aerial silks

Dialects: R.P., Cockney, Irish, Scottish, German, French, Italian, Southern; fast learner