Anne is about to start another season with Chevrolet, where she presents a wide variety of vehicles to industry and consumer audiences.  She has launched the North American Car of the Year Bolt EV, Corvette Grand Sport, and Camaro ZL1-1LE, while traveling around the globe and across the US.  This year she added narrator training to her list, and is helping to develop stronger presenters for Chevrolet's global team, both in the US, and at international shows ranging from Geneva to Dubai and beyond. 

This summer, Anne was onstage in two productions: the world premiere of "FWP" by Sean Paraventi, (where she is also helping to launch a new company in Detroit, Assembly Line Theatre) and as Kate in Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew." 

As usual, Anne has also been working on a number of books, from historical romances to developmental psychology textbooks.  She has worked with a number of publishers, including an ongoing relationship with Pearson Education in both the USA and Canada.

And, of course, she continues to work in film, via commercials, industrials, and features.  You can catch her in wide variety of places, from "Batman vs. Superman" to the independent drama "The Dunes."

Anne does still teach, though its mostly private students these days, with her busy travel and work schedule. If you're interested in learning about Alba Emoting, voiceover, or more general actor training, you can contact her below:

Phone: 614.425.8084